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Michael Golchuk - Digital Media Producer

ph/txt - 250 306 1481 - email: michael@golchuk.ca

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Short Story Producer / Full Service Production House


Welcome to Golchuk Digital Media Inc.. Hello, My name is Michael Golchuk. I produce short stories in High Definition (HD) Digital Video, creating a range of content from a 30 second advertisement, to a 4 minute music video, to a 20 minute tutorial.

2018 Graduate Animation for Game. Film, and Visual Effects Center for the Arts and Technology, Kelowna, BC.

"I offer 30 years of experience
creating really great videos for people!"

Full Service Digital Media Production Services.

Broadcast HD 1080p High Definition Digital Video
Our Camera is a SONY, NX Cam, FS100, 35mm, Full Frame, HD, Broadcast Video Camera.

Excellent Quality Footage!

Corporate, Tourism, Education, and Entertainment

Need a YouTube Video to tell about yourself or your business? A DVD, or BlueRay Disc?, Video for your Website, Phone or Tablet?

I create videos so you can get your advertisements out to the world in the most effective way - via the web and social media.

Fees - Production Time

I charge an hourly base rate for Production, and for Camera Work, which includes myself, my equipment, and software licensing for my computers.

For every Project, I write out a script, storyboard, and shootlist, so we can estimate, in advance what your production cost will be. This also allows us to produce within your budget.

What is Included in the Video Production?

Video Production, for me, is divided into 2 sections:

Filming and Post Production


I have an hourly, session, or daily rate for filming. All camera work includes: the SONY FS100 Camera, Professional Camera Person / Technician, Tripod, Mics, Wireless Mic, Lighting, GreenScreen (if required).

Everything else is extra such as: Travel Expenses; Rental of Planes, Helicopters, Stage, Cranes, Jigs, Tracks, ect.

Editing, Post Production, Sound, Visual FX

I charge an hourly base rate for Post Production Work. Services include: HD Editing, 3D, Graphic Design, Logos, Visual Effects, Green Screen, Animation, Narration, and Music.

My name is Michael Golchuk.

Let me produce a high quality video for you or your company at a reasonable price.

Give me a text, email, or call. 250 306 1481 ph/txt

Graduate 2018 - Animation for Game, Film, and Visual Effects.