Michael Golchuk

3D Character Rigger

3D Character Designer, 3D Rigger, 3D Animator, Producer

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Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


Hello, My name is Michael Golchuk. I am a 3D Character Rigger. I graduated College in Sept. 2018, and my course study was Animation for Game, Film, and Visual Effects. My course criteria includes AutoDesk's Maya, Pixologic's ZBrush, Adobe Photohop, After Effects, Premeire, Flash / Animate, Dreamweaver, and Audition; Quixel, 3DMax, and Microsoft's Office. Maya is my main program of choice which I use on a daily basis. I studied both Animation and Rigging in college, and I enjoy both as well. I chose to specialize in 3D Character Design - Character Rigging - because I want to animate, and I want to animate using a really good rig. I believe that I have now created that rig. My intent is to master the art of character animation, and creating my own characters is a great start.

Jen and Dylan 4.0

February 2019

I have designed two characters - Jen and Dylan - which I started designing in college and continue to refine and develop today. This is my 4th year of character development and I am happy to say that I have won the battle. I can actually call my self a Rigger. I have finished rigging my two characters - Jen and Dylan.

Jen and Dylan 4.0 both have XGen hair with animated splines (curves). I have developed a joint based facial rig with painted skin weights, combined with a full set of Blend Shapes which interact with each other. Primary Facial Controls include a set of 22 keyable sliders which control a separate Right and Left Bulge/Suck, Zip, F, P, Snarl, Cheek, Squint, Blink, Lips and Jaw- Up, Down, R. L,, Pucker, Smirk, Smile, Sad, Poute, Tongue and Mouth In / Out.

Secondary Controls let you key frame even farther with additional Joint controls for Laughlines, Cheeks, Nose, and Chin, as well as 16 individual Lip controls for adding character to your characters. My character's bodies are Joint based, comprised of ik/fk arms (and legs optional), dual chain spine, clavicle, arm twist, wrist and jointed fingers, foot roll, hip, chest, and COG CTLs as taught in college. Both characters are identical in their technology.

Jen and Dylan 3.0

Jen and Dylan 3.0 is total rebuild from the 2.0 models. The poly mesh has been rebuilt, fixing all the problems encountered in the previous models. The 2.0 version was my first time building a human mesh as a school assignment. Both Jen and Dylan failed in their productions as their rigs collapsed. Now having more experience in what I am doing, the rebuilds report no errors, and the UVs unfold without any problems signifying previous problems are now corrected.

I am replacing the hair systems on both models with XGen hair with Animated Splines (curves) giving Jen and Dylan a whole new look. I am continuing to develop my facial rigs interface as I am not yet happy with the facial controls. Jen and Dylan have been stripped down to their underwear. I am starting to design their clothing using nClothe. Jen now has open toe high heels as she will be wearing a formal dress. Not sure about Dylan yet.

Jen and Dylan 2.0

The above video is a demonstration of my joint based facial rig. No blend shapes have been added yet. This was also part of my grad demo.

Jen and Dylan

The above video is my final graduation demo. This video project was completed in August of 2018, and that is when I started the render process. I graduated in September 2018. The video didn't finish rendering until December of 2018. As we know, the final product has to be rendered out in Maya. I use Arnold because I like the look of the final product. My video is 1600 frames, 24fps, consisting of 6 scenes. Everything was rendered out on a single Alienware laptop. This one minute long project took 2232 hours (3 months), full time, to render out, which was precalculated in the production schedule, and pretty much bang on.

I think everyone hates their first projects. Anyway, the Jen rig failed during the 5th scene. Her hand collapsed. Dylan also had poly issues. It was pretty much a patch job just to finish the production. It turned out OK, but lots of problems to fix.


2018 Graduate Animation for Game. Film, and Visual Effects Center for the Arts and Technology, Kelowna, BC.

Maya - Photoshop - ZBrush - Flash/Animate - Quixel - Premeire - After Effects - Dreamweaver - Audition
Media Producer (1998 - 2019) HD Video Production, Web Design, Web Hosting, E-Commerce
Musician / Composer - Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals.
Broadcast HD 1080p High Definition Digital Video
Camera Operator - SONY, NX Cam, FS100, 35mm, Full Frame, HD, Broadcast Video Camera.

Give me a text, email, or call. 250 306 1481 ph/txt